25 thoughts on “WSOP 2012 E02 – Big One for One Drop World Series of Poker 2012”

  1. Thats an interesting point. I think you claim you only made 100,000 though,
    because the 1 mil buy in is an automatic loss.

  2. haha, sam is SOOOOOOO butt hurt at the end haha. I’ve never seen someone
    win 10 million dollars so painfully xD I would LOVE to get 2nd place haha

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  4. It’s mind-blowing how much money the government makes off (steals from)
    gambling. I wonder how they tax Mike Sexton when he “wins” 1.1 million in a
    tourney that cost $1 million to enter

  5. How come Sfandiari got to be Chip leader in the first Place?tDid somebody
    saw the whole tournament!?How come a mediocre player or a regular player
    like Sfandiari got to be the new Magically! Biggest winner of all times? Is
    he? or they! Made him up?

  6. does anyone pat themselves on the back more than this dip shit… if you’re
    not sure, just start watching at 44:48.

  7. Why did they agree to show their cards after every pot? It takes the huge
    element of mystery and strategy from the game. I know that they find out
    eventually because of the 15 minute delay, but its strange.

  8. Better actors needed!! not gay.. hmmm ist coming!! Right! Whit a red nose!
    So Easy! OH! sorry did I screw up? then im out! Hell youre out! dont cry
    baby!! Dont cry! !1 million? and so so little acting from you? We
    aprecciate that Hellmut!

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    Irani American Idol!! Look Irani people., You can be succesfull In America!!

  10. 5J5.. I have Q6 I shall putt 5,400,000.00 im sure a flush will come! No I
    better go all in! Would you be so dum to believe it? no beers in the crowd?
    No complains from Phil hellmut? When is the people going to wake up? and
    cuestion what they see?? You got the Answer!

  11. I will allways play 10 4!!…After all im a Celebrity and they Shall
    fold!.. Or I will get the miracle card!..! So the shall knew bettter!.

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