Unibet In The News

Unibet has been in the news for a while now.

There have been several events and changes that the poker company has been gearing up this year. The Open Main Event that is coming up in Pokerfest Romania is being sponsored by Unibet and it promises to be a long event that will span four days. With a guarantee finale that has a prize money of half a million, there is a large cap on the number of participants for the event. There have been online qualifying events that have been on since August of this year. The Unibet Open, Copenhagen has been on from August 25th to 28th.

Unibet Open, Copenhagen was planned as a qualifier event for the upcoming event in November. The Copenhagen event also saw Kenny Hallaert take over responsibilities as Unibet Open tournament director who has the title of WSOP November Niner. Since the August events concluded there has been the Unibet Poker 2.0 software release that was much talked about. It is also set to release during the Unibet Open Bucharest event. This software is the updated version of the first one that was released earlier this year.

The updated version promises improved graphics, better features and a secure gaming platform for the players, both on laptops as well as on mobile devices. As a result, players who wish to avail of the online poker games offline will be able to benefit from the upgrades introduced.

With the Pokerfest Romania about to start in two days, the organizers at Unibet are busy getting everything in place. It promises to have large scale participation the world over. As a result, the players would be getting a package deal when they come over for the event. There would be luxury accommodation arranged at Marriott hotel along with welcome drinks, parties for the players and several activities besides participating at the poker table.