Poker Pros Made 2 Brilliant Folds With Hands Three-Of-A-Kind

The quality of a good poker player is they know how to bluff and if talk about the brilliant ones, then they have an intuition of extra level that help them to figure out exactly when to fold in despite playing well and having some strong hands. And probably there is something about the hand three-of-a-kind that makes players nervous — if you recall the player who folded Kings to a straight?

The hand is from the tournament Triton Super High Roller Series Main Event 2018 — you won’t be able to see what led up to this moment, still Tan Xuan has 10 and he waited and watched another ten be out on the flop and the turn. That is really exciting, but the players in his opponent held a pair of 4s, and he got full house due to that. And then Xuan bet 33,000 while Peter Jetten rose to 120,000. Tan was aware that something was up there and thus, he played away his three-of-a-kind card.