Jeffrey Lisandro Record has lots of insights for upcoming players

If you want to buoy on gambling to be catapulted to immense wealth and enviable standing, poker is the most ideal. Jeffrey Lisandro is a poker player whose resume boasts a string of magnificent achievements that would attract the attention of an avid poker player.

Lisandro ventured into the corridors of poker through the WSOP in 1997. He has also final tabled eleven times at the WSOP, in Omaha, 2-to-7 Lowball and Seven Card Stud events to take home five bracelets. To encourage upcoming poker whiz lads, he has also appeared in the World Poker Tour where he has only managed two in the money finishes.

In 2004, Lisandro emerged the $25,000 Limit Hold’em heads-up event ousting Howard Lederer to wring out $194,000 first prize. In 2005, he went ahead to win the $10,000 NLHE World Series of Poker, Lake Tahoe where he outpaced Phil Ivey in a titanic heads-up battle to rake in a whacking $542,360 prize. Playing in the WSOP in 2006, he placed 17th to garner a whopping $659,730. (more…)

Ralph Porter AKA “Rep” is an American professional poker player

He is a player who has great statistics record and won the match for World Series of poker tournaments. He is a player who has played at the Hold’Em event. He is statically very good poker player.

What a new poker player can learn from him is the way he learns the poker game. He is a player who has many titles at the international poker tournaments. He is a player who can make the opponent struggle for long time. He has won 2 bracelets at the world series of poker tournaments. He has also won the championship poker event at the world poker tournaments.

When it comes to game of poker it is very vital that the player maintain his records and win the match. (more…)

Noah Boeken has Intrinsic Acumen for Poker Games

Poker is one of the most electrifying wagering conduits that players purport to use to access plethora cash. Some people will be thrown into perturbation midst tight play as their hearts beat in contemplation of huge wins. The anxiety or emotions can backlash and bring huge losses to players. However, Noah Boeken is one player who is reported to exude copious confidence while playing his hand at the poker table. This is not to intimate that all of his moves are perfectly decided; he still encounters hitches here and there. But his vibrant competition at the high profile events is exhilarating and worth skimming.

Boeken’s first winning was when he managed in-the-money during a Master of Classic Poker in 2003; he placed fourth in the €200 NLHE Main Event. On the same year, he participated at the $10,000 NLHE Championship, Festa al Lago Event #2 Las Vegas where he got in-the-money finish. In the October 2004 EPT London event, he final tabled but was surpassed by John Shipley placing him at a distant second. The next year, Boeken’ final tabled again at the EPT Scandinavian Open (Copenhagen) where he vanquished the opponent in a heads-up battle. With his betting skills and strategies, his play intimates perceptiveness, cushioning his bankroll against being siphoned off by blind bets.

In a similar vein, he enrolled at the WSOP 2005 but only managed to get in the money finish and also final tabled at the $2,500 Limit-Hold’em tournament. Boeken’ also accomplished the 2006 BPO (British Poker Open) besting the likes of Gus Hansen and netting as much as $50,000. By 2011, his tournament earnings were estimated as beyond $1,200,000. With his seamless flow of cash into his account for almost every game he plays, Boeken takes advantage of poker rules. This is prudent as not all entrants can manage to win events, some ought to be losers.

Viacheslav Zhukov-Poker professional holding 2 bracelets in his hands

When you think of playing the game, you can play Poker definitely as it can enable interest and pleasure too, when you play it. Professionals handle the game excellently and also efficiently which none of the others can play, hence the art of handling of the cards matters the most. Professional player like Zhukov has bagged two bracelets in WSOP by playing it in a determined manner. You should really learn the game’s rules to skill and excel in it.

Viacheslav Zhukov was born by the year 1989, who is a poker professional from Russia. The player has won the bracelets which are numbered in 2 that too both the bracelets turned to be won by him in Omaha events itself. His career was initially geologist in Russia, whereby he suddenly started playing Poker, and turned as the poker professional and the act of his playing was superb, thereby he gradually turned playing Poker by gaining the interest in it. Viacheslav Zhukov has also made 3final tables in World Series of Poker, thereby he has made of around money finishes which are 8 in number. His highest ITM main event finish was by the year 2011.

The Russian poker:

It was by the year 2011, and 2012, the player, Viacheslav Zhukov earned his 2 bracelets, by playing $10, 000 Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or better and the latter by winning $3, 000 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or better. The final table had participants like Steve Billirakis, Richard Ashby, who are in fact the bracelet winners, and in 2012 won, the final table had players like David Baker, Scotty Nguyen, etc. the player took just 3 hours of play which was the heads up battle to hold strong of his 2nd bracelet.

John Juanda Poker Player-Holding 5 bracelets in the hands

When you think of the games played in this world, you can think of number of games over here in this world. When you think of watching the games played across, then you can consider the games which are played professionally. One such professional game played is Poker game. Poker game is played worldwide. When you think of this game, you can find number of professional players who do play this game. Playing the game much professionally is what every player does, with full of interest. Among them, John Juanda is very popular for the presence of 5 bracelets in World Series of Poker.

Nicknamed as JJ:

Johnson “John” Juanda was born on July 8th 1971, whereby he is an American Poker professional born in Indonesia. He shifted to the United States of America in 1990. He joined at Oklahoma State University. He is also an MBA graduate which he earned from Seattle University. He is very much knowable for the school track star for running 200 to 5000 metres too. He was given the very nickname as JJ, whereby he is also given the nickname as Luck Box too. When he started playing this game Poker, he started winning too, which he earned those 5 bracelets in years 2 by 2003, 1 by 2002, 2008E and also by 2011.

He was also awarded as the Card Player Magazine’s tournament player of the year 2001 and also in the year 2002, as in the very same year, he turned winning 4 World Series of Poker titles and together along with World Poker Open Championship title. It was in the year 2004, JJ won the Inaugural Professional Poker tour event at Foxwoods casino in Connecticut. It was unfortunate that JJ is yet to win WPT title alone besides having 5 bracelets from WSOP events.

Poker players – in a new leap to take

As the game of Poker gains lots of fame, there are many awards and ceremonies that many international agencies have organised for the poker players. The British Poker Award of 2012 is worth mentioning in this regard.

At London, near the HMS president embankment the award ceremony was held. The award ceremony was full of British cum International poker players like Vanessa Selbst, Liv Boeree, Chris Moorman, and many more.

Players like One Drop earn more than 17 thousand dollars in the game of poker in 2012, grabbing the international award for pokers. It is found that Sam Trickett came up as the British Poker Awards scooping Player of the Year, Best Cash Player for the second time and Best Tournament Player. Speaking about his achievement, Sam Trickett twitted thanking his fans for their support – “I am glad to win the title, and would like to thank all my fans for their unstoppable support and love…”

The night was also adorned with many sponsored professionals like Vanessa Selbst, Liv Boeree and many more poker players. Vanessa Selbst was honoured as International Player of the Year while Kirsty Thomspon was rewarded for the contribution to the growth and promotion of poker in the United Kingdom.Another Poker award was distributed in the form of Best Tournament Director which was awarded to Toby Stone for his contribution to the UKIPT and EPT events.

Chris Moorman got the prize for the Best Online Player third time in a row. The 27-year old, known as Moorman1 in the internet poker arena, has now achieved online winnings of more than ten thousand dollars. Craig McCorkell won Best Breakthrough Player of the Year while Neil Channing who was awarded Best Blogger or Social Media User.

The event will be remembered by the poker lovers for ever for the number of awards given.

John Juanda

John Juanda, graduate of University of Oklahoma is now famous as one of the best poker player.  He has some unique talent in the poker games. He figured out how to play poker on the plane, on the way to the U.S. from a companion. He then enhanced weekends playing at gambling joints in Seattle, where he raised the cash.  He then moved close Los Angeles, California, and in 1999 he selected in his first major competition.

He is the winner of 11 poker competitions, WPT final games, World Champion Poker Open Championship in 2001 and thus gained the position of the professional poker. He was ahead of his other competitors in Professional Poker Tour Player’s Tour in 2002. In 2005, John won the Five-Star # 5 World Poker Classic and the National Poker Championship, got sixth position in the Main Event of Monte Carlo Millions and stood second in from Monte Carlo the Invitational Live. In the year 2006, he defeated eminent poker players May draining, winning the Millions Aussie Speed Poker Challenge of Million Dollar. In 2007 he won some honors at the competition broadcast Poker after Dark Series. His most preferred amusement is poker.

He is a cool player. Juanda never leaves feelings to impact choices, equipped to change their playing strategy relying upon circumstance and competition. His rationality is to play to win, and its intense nature is generally because of the way that game was part of a period long enough.   He generally does everything to win. When he loses the games, he does not become furious. Juanda treats poker as a business and is very careful about his games. With his excellence he continues to work. His excellence comes through his 48 hours practice for every work. Poker game has taken an important part of his life and he has become important for the poker.