John Juanda

John Juanda, graduate of University of Oklahoma is now famous as one of the best poker player.  He has some unique talent in the poker games. He figured out how to play poker on the plane, on the way to the U.S. from a companion. He then enhanced weekends playing at gambling joints in Seattle, where he raised the cash.  He then moved close Los Angeles, California, and in 1999 he selected in his first major competition.

He is the winner of 11 poker competitions, WPT final games, World Champion Poker Open Championship in 2001 and thus gained the position of the professional poker. He was ahead of his other competitors in Professional Poker Tour Player’s Tour in 2002. In 2005, John won the Five-Star # 5 World Poker Classic and the National Poker Championship, got sixth position in the Main Event of Monte Carlo Millions and stood second in from Monte Carlo the Invitational Live. In the year 2006, he defeated eminent poker players May draining, winning the Millions Aussie Speed Poker Challenge of Million Dollar. In 2007 he won some honors at the competition broadcast Poker after Dark Series. His most preferred amusement is poker.

He is a cool player. Juanda never leaves feelings to impact choices, equipped to change their playing strategy relying upon circumstance and competition. His rationality is to play to win, and its intense nature is generally because of the way that game was part of a period long enough.   He generally does everything to win. When he loses the games, he does not become furious. Juanda treats poker as a business and is very careful about his games. With his excellence he continues to work. His excellence comes through his 48 hours practice for every work. Poker game has taken an important part of his life and he has become important for the poker.